d feelin’s almost die…am i ready to say goodbye?

by Indah Parmalia

i was loss my admiration to you
all the things that u showed to me is not what i guess to see u show

i ever said that i will never give up from you
because the love that ur eyes showed makes me hold out
more your personality makes my act balance out

but am i wrong in appraising you?
you’re totally different with the man i knew
or u became someone new?

i love you because i amazed to you
all the things in you!
but if i cant see even the rest in u that i amazed to you anymore..
maybe ‘hold out’ can not be a reason
because you re decreasing what i feel (the thing that i never say before in all situation even when u made me cry)
but you (you are now) successfully did it..

So i need to say goodbye to the feelin that i always keep..
you asked me to put it back
..from ur place
..with no rest
but it is the best..
from the best love in me..

dont ask about that feeling anymore

..the feelin was gone..